Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow, Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here

17 stone 11 pounds!

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Hellooooooo my thousands of readers (jokes) been a while so thought I’d end/start the year with a new blog! So the most weight I’ve lost this year is 17 and a half stone but with it being Christmas I wasn’t holding back, especially with cheese boards! I’ve had some great reactions from people when i tell them how much I’ve lost. I usealy have to prove to them, which if I’m honest love doing it. Not only to see there reactions but I have worked hard for this so why not be proud I say 🙂 no one likes a show off though!!

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It’s been a epic year for weight loss and not just for me but for so many people. If I can lose this much weight in a year then honestly most things are possible in life! Easier said than done sometimes but you CAN do it!

Going to talk about metabolism! I remember people saying I find it hard to lose weight as my metabolism is slow or not right or I lost it on a night out….. You get the point. Even I use to say that after a while as believed it to be true. Now I know that there are cases where people do actually have something wrong where there metabolism doesn’t work as fast but that is a very small percentage of people. I’m telling you that you can change your metabolism with exercise and diet. I weigh myself alot some times everyday and I have talked in previous blogs about the dangers of weighing yourself too much so interesting to read back through my blogs. For example last year I had a healthy day and I had cheese with my dinner. Weighed myself the next day I hadn’t lost anything. Have the same meal the next day but without the cheese and Lost a pound the next day. Look I’m not saying that is exact proof but I did this kind of thing a lot last year to see what worked for me and what didn’t as everyone is different. I would have my cheat meal (domino’s) after hitting the next target and put on 4-6 pounds sometimes depending on what sides I would order with the pizza. Now when I have a domino’s and depending on how active I am i won’t put any weight on!! Honestly a year ago I would! It’s the same with alot of foods now and have done the same test with a fry up, bacon sandwiches, Indian just to name a few and because of how much I’ve weighed myself I’ve really seen the results!! Also if your an active person the best time to have something naughty is in the morning or afternoon as your burn it off in the day. So bacon in the morning or a fry up can be burned off during the day so you never have to completely punish yourself!! I put on just over a stone through November and December but honestly can say with how much crap I’ve eaten should be more but because I’ve sorted my metabolism out “I think” I didn’t put on as much as I would of. Now managed to shift it although I felt down about it at times, I know once your back into the swing of things it does get easier 🙂

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Peace out x

I said a change, would do you good

19.13 stone!


Excuse my vein selfie but I like this one 🙂

Helloooo! So haven’t posted a blog in ages (slack) so thought it was time for an update. Had a mad couple of months singing and shrinking. I’ve almost lost 13 stone now and can’t describe how good it feels and all the benefits but will give it a go and be brutally honest. I no longer snore. I don’t sweat over the pillow any more and last year was putting down a towl every night on the pillow. I don’t wake up in the night now so my quality of sleep has improved. I use to sleep all day and wake up feeling tired and some times my mood would change. Now I’m up every day at a reasonable time, always in a good mood and have so much energy it’s like I’m taking something!! My asthma has improved. I can walk places and not get sore between my thighs or get back pain after 3 minutes of walking. I don’t want to jinx it but I haven’t had any back trouble through walking or exercise in the last 4 months. I can play football with friends and my squash and racket ball games now and still function the next day. I remember some days not being able to walk! I’ve suffered with cramp and pretty much got it most days. I even use to get it in my jaw and in the last 6 month’s I’ve not had it once! My confidence has improved. My singing has improved. I suffer with ceists and recently they have been at an all time low. I can now see my knees as my belly isn’t in the way 😉 I can buy 1 and 2 xl tops so can shop most places now. All my old clothes are like sleeping bags on me. I’ve gone from a 52 trouser to a 38-40. Bumping into people I’ve not seen in a while and there reaction is awesome. I recently got on a plane and didn’t have to ask for a seat belt extender. Use to be embarrassed but after a while was the norm to me so was a great feeling to just walk on! and the room I had was mental ! imag0692

It’s been pointed out that when giving me a hug you can now get your arms around me so my quality of hugs has improved ha! I love roller coasters or water rides/slides and A few years ago went to Thorpe Park and had to do the walk of shame on a ride, when my seat wouldn’t shut as I was too big! Also in a water park when away I came off the rubber ring going fast down a flume and hurt my ribs, as all that weight when thrown about is not cool! It actually ruined my time away 🙁 but you can laugh as if caught on camera I’m sure I would!

 All these things have changed my attitude and Outlook on soooo much, so just feel positive and happy…… most of the time 🙂

I’ve had a bumpy weight loss journey and just to confirm I’m still addicted to crap food. I mean who isn’t! I blame all these fast food places and TV adverts as there constantly shoved in your face. Unless you don’t go out or watch TV but then you only have your brain ticking away! What would your brain say?? Mine would say domino’s, domino’s, domino’s but as there always posting stuff through the door, or an advert on TV,  or the stores I either drive past or walk past!    I have it sub consciously put in my noggin! I mean Every service station you stop at, has a McDonald’s or a burger king and at night there the only thing open. Can’t believe I resist and thank goodness for marks and Spencer on the motorway!! I’ve had alot of cheat days over the last 7 weeks and although they have been earnt, it’s harder not to want domino’ all the time. I honestly thought I would of gone off them but think there always be one of my guilty pleasures! I blame one of mates who got me in to them!!!! You know who you are!


It looks horrible but tastes divine!!

Another blog soon as this one was written a couple of weeks ago just forgot to post!


Much love xxx


Can I kick it, yes you can



Hellloooo! I’ve been so slack with my shrinking singer videos (only 1 so far) but still passionate about playing squash and racket ball. Using my dip bar Daily. Swimming and walking combined with a good diet so thought I’d post a song I wrote with the talent a.g.Shaw a couple of years ago for my lack of singing. I’m more like the shrinking guy at the moment!


So the weight loss is still going strong and I’m learning more about it every day. The 2 parts to weight-loss is exercise and healthy eating. I’m lucky with the first as I love playing racket sports, football, swimming the list is endless so that part of the weight-loss is natural and doesn’t feel like a chore (now). I believe there is something for everyone out there, that they will grow to love and enjoy.


Eating is still the hardest part of weight loss. I’ve been studying it intently with different foods as I always say you have to treat yourself. I always do after hitting targets. I weigh myself most days and recently been doing 14 days straight of healthy eating then celebrate with a cheat day but on my last cheat day I managed to put on 7lbs! Half a frickin stone! I only had large domino’s margarita, extra cheese and sauce, brownie and ice-cream, 2 Muller corners, meatball wrapp, chicken strppers, bowl of banana chips with a drizzle of honey and a dollop of peanut butter. Not forgetting my usual smoothie I have everyday. I know I had something else but can’t remember as that was a month ago. I mean it’s not that much…….. haaaaa jokes but Consider that some of the food will still be in your system, but still! Although I loved it and still have a thing for domino’s! Dammmm you domino’s! They should use me for some marketing ploy. “This customer eats our pizzas and side’s two times a month and has lost 11 stone” All jokes aside it is a mind f when you see how much weight you’ve put on after one Day but luckily it drives me on and next time I didn’t have so much 🙂

A new favorite range I’ve been cooking and munching is the quorn frozen meat selection. Mateeeee there is sooo much! Excuse my enthusiasm but honestly. Meatballs, chicken, steak and mince. Even the gammon was awesome! I was never a fan of the mince but if cooked right it’s lovely. I Soak it and stir well with a can of tomatoes some herbs, garlic and paprika before cooking. Make sure all mixed well then I heat it slowly for 20 minutes while in a separate pan cook some mushrooms, courgette, onion, pepper and cherry tomatoes. Then mix together and enjoy. Sometime I eat this as it is or sometimes have something else with it like a sweet potato etc. There are more products like these out there. So many that it makes healthy eating a bit easier. Also been having chocolate coconut milk it’s pretty good calories wise and yummy. Been adding these mixed seeds and raisins to my smoothies some days and they give it a pudding flavor I really can’t describe it any other way apart from sort of desert flavor. Also Still loving the hard-boiled eggs 🙂 mix it up and try new things as there are a lot of healthier options out there.

My next big target is coming up so going to have a mad one, so watch this space…….

Much love x

Listen as your day unfolds. challenge what the future holds. Try and keep your head up to the sky


Helloooo! been a few good weeks, hitting targets and goals I set myself. I’m now in the 22 stone area and buying smaller clothes and wearing clothes from 10 years ago that are practically brand new. Always knew there was a reason I kept that Kermit t-shirt 🙂  every half stone I lose, my squash game gets that bit better and my swimming also. When I was young I use to play squash for the County, traveling to competitions, coaching kids and playing alot of team squash, So was a massive part of my life. I drifted away from it and haven’t been that player in years but slowly I am getting back there so last month set my self the goal of getting into the top 2 diversions at my squash club by December. Well I’ve managed to smash it and now in div 2 and were only in may! Still can’t believe it. Although won’t sound that exciting to most, it has really pushed and driven me, and made me work harder with my eating and fitness. Not often I’m chuffed with myself! I hope I don’t sound like a massive _______ insert word (thought) Also I swam my first mile and managed to swim it under an hour roughly 55mins so watch this space for time updates.

setting your self goals can be a great way of keeping motivated and when it comes off the rewards are priceless 🙂 

Before IMAG0229

After IMAG0230

Soooo Big shout out to my 3 Love’s this last couple of month’s and really helped me a lot!! That’s mushroom, paprika and garlic! Probably my favorite foods this last few months. Some times when I’ve had naughty food and have to keep my calories down a bowl of garlic, paprika mushrooms is the way and I loveeee them! Especially where you can either have smoked, spicy or normal paprika!!! Also still loving the avocado and cherry tomatoes. Not forgetting eggs. In January/Feb it was fried eggs. March/April scrambled and now in May it’s hard boiled!! Loveee them 🙂 can eat them on there own with a bit of salt and pepper or a sauce of some kind, or cut/mash them up with or in salads etc. I suppose come July I’ll be on the poached egg 🙂

Also been loving some View’s recently of my home town this first picture wasn’t taken by me but love walking along the Harbor and nothe.


This last photo is me after hitting my goal of div 2! New videos soon… deja vu some might say but there coming 🙂


Much love x

Ooh, you’re moving too fast and I don’t think it’s right


23 stone 11 pounds!!

Tried to RE capture the same pose in the second photo. I have just ordered some new trousers as my ones now just look silly. There so loose at the top that they undue so have to keep it tucked in with the belt. Not very comfortable 🙂

I think I’ve covered most topics now so if there’s any topics or questions people would like to ask or know about then send me a message. Had an issue with losing too much weight! Surely there’s no such thing as losing too much weight? Well wrong as you can start to eat into your muscle which would lead to you being more weak! I definitely don’t want that 🙂 after doing anything for a while it can become addictive and I have got so in to the weight loss that I have to be careful. I’ve recently started having less calories in the day then a massive meal in the evening between 450-700 but I hear that little and often is effective as your metabolism is constantly working, so trying to do that more now and thinking of some days uping my calories to about 1750. As I’ve said before everyone is different and so many people think they have the right method but you have to find what works for you but the foundation is pretty simple, eat plenty of fruit and veg and exercise!! Well I say simple now, but wasn’t always the case 😉 To sort out the muscle problem I have now a list of a few exercises that I’m going to start doing to build my muscle up, especially in my arms. I will post how I get on. Also started doing some reps with the weights so hopefully my upper body strength will improve and I’ll be swinging around like a monkey! Always fancied Rock climbing but have never had the strength so maybe one day I will tick that off the list. Always set yourself new goals to keep your brain in check. I’m always day dreaming about the future, so a great feeling when you actually achieve those dreams!!


I do apologize if I look like a poser!! Especially the one above!! I take alot of pictures or as they now call them selfies! I take one after most workouts or if I’m walking somewhere as thought would be great to have a timeline of my face changing!! Maybe even make a video and speed it up and watch me become the shrinking singer!!!!


Going to try get a new video done this week. I mean only doing one so far is abit lame 🙂

Much love X



I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror, I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways

24stone 6pounds! 


So had a good week with half a stone lost. Some people told me a while back that my weight loss would start to slow down but so far so good 🙂  I have started a new sport called racket ball though. It’s very similar to squash but a different workout and you burn more calories which is always a good thing in weight-loss 🙂

Would love to hear if anyone has any requests on blog subject’s, so this weeks subject is from @Laura_boutique who wanted to know foods I eat now and my go too foods, also what I’ve cut out and changed.

So I’ll answer the questions backwards. Things I’ve cut out and changed in my diet are, semi skimmed milk now buy skimmed or 1percent but I barely use it nowadays. Second is olive oil to rapeseed oil but recently bought some coconut oil (yet to try) I don’t buy butter or sugar anymore. I don’t buy bread at all. Don’t buy cheese unless it’s in a salad when I’m eating out or in a ready meal, but have to admit cheese was a tough one to cut out! Also I don’t eat as much meat and now buy vegetarian product’s like quorn sausages or IMAG0210 Only not from concentrate juices. I use to drink alot of coke, fanta, 7up, lucozade, ribena etc and now drink apple tizer,feel good orange and mango, carrot juice and other different flavor juices. new one recently from asda is strawberry,kiwi and grape and of course plenty of water! I was totally addicted to sugary drinks so that was a big change but as I always say, water is key!! My go too food’s are Egg’s, avocado, IMAG0188cherry tomatoes, peppers and homus, eat a lot of mushrooms (there my favorite veg)  still a fan of my smoothies which consist of a banana, some frozen spinach, handful of blueberries, generous handful of frozen fruit salad so pineapple, apple, mandarin, melon and grape, splash of orange juice and some water. Best breakfast!!! I also love having some low calorie meals to cook in the evening with my veg. Weigh watchers do some great ones like wedges and chilli minceIMAG0209

and One of my favorites is this little beauty IMAG0207

I like to have lower calories in the day and a bigger calorie dinner in the evening so I’m full up and not hungry at night. So for example smoothie for breakfast, some form of eggs (so many choices) and cherry tomatoes maybe half an avocado for snack then evening a ready meal usealy and ideally 300-400 calories then 100-200 in veg depending. I also like to cook my veg with either seasoning like your basic salt and pepper or lots of garlic or my go to one paprika. I also love my hot sauces so like to try new ones. I have a nice collection. Nandos sauce is pretty great! About to invest in a grill pan so I can have char grilled veg 🙂

Funny how something so small can make you happy. For example sad as it is, I always wanted to get novelty boxer’s from asda but couldn’t fit in there biggest one’s. Well now I can and it’s changed my life (joke) but I was pretty happy about it. Not sure it’s very popular with the ladles?? But I’m loving my pacman, Garfield and taz mania devil boxers!! Also I have a new top ready for the Euro’s but it’s a bit tight and because of the material, Hugs the skin well, but I’ve decided to keep it and grow into it as a new incentive. IMG-20160421-WA0010

More pics to come of my progress.                                      IMG-20160421-WA0013

Always keep that incentive going and positive mental attitude. Remember, Anything is possible. Well almost anything 😉               IMAG0194

Much love x

Dont stop believing. Hold on to the feeling


PhotoGrid_1460927987348October 2015       April 2016

Current weight 25.5!


Hellooooo! Been a mad one so didn’t get to put my blog up last week so doing a double one this week so will try not to go on toooooooooooo much 😉 also here is my Disney mash up with a video that doesn’t skip (hopefully)


first I want to talk about when you don’t see the results or if you put on weight.  As you can tell looking at my last 2 weights I myself put on weight! I reached my next target on the scales last week so had my fish and chips Friday which was just as good as I remember, I even had my first can of coke this year!!! I went away to London that weekend to see some friends, so had a few to many ciders then the next morning had a fry up and a few naughty treats that weekend aswell I.e sweets and beef jerky. I basically had a cheat weekend and at the time I thought why not as you’ve worked hard and you don’t get to see some of these mates as much as you would like so treat yourself. Although when I had put on the weight I was annoyed at myself but you do have to live life, so as long as these kind of weekends don’t happen often I will surviveeeee! I’m quite lucky as don’t really drink, lucky as weight loss would be quite tough overwise! So back on it Monday and I have been putting the work in this week, so more walking more sports and back on the clean eating. Actually unbeaten at squash now for the last 15 games and as the weeks go by I’m lighter on my feet. so getting faster and my fitness is really shining but I’m about to go up in the league’s again so my winning streak might end very soon! To get back into it was tough mentally and physically felt it with my sports that week. I’ve been so use to this mind set that having 3 days off really hit me for six! Had the urges bad this week for greasy foods ugghhhhhhh mmmmmmm. How easy it would be to just phone up and get something delivered. A new domino’s has opened near my house so having to go past that everyday now is sometimes mouth drooling but temptations keep you stonger (sometimes).  you really can put yourself through the motions but have to push through!! I lost an old collage friend very suddenly at the start of the year and as weird as it sounds I use that to push me on and motivate me.  As I’ve said before if you’ve put on weight or had a few bad days even a week, get back on it the next day, it’s not to late and if you do have something that can ground you then use that to make you stronger!! Don’t stop believing!!

Part 2-

Current weight 24.13!!

Next thing I want to talk about is related to what I’ve been talking about. Evil calories!!! What’s good and what’s evil! So worst 2 things in food are fat and the dreaded sugar!! As I said about the alcohol it’s lucky I don’t really drink as its packed with sugar and sooooo bad for weight loss. My biggest problem before was fizzy drinks! You just don’t realize how much sugar is in a can of coke! Even higher is a ribena! Shocking! If you have time do some research on sugar it’s actually mental.  Found some good articles and one that stuck out was on a lady who decided to cut sugar out of her diet for a year. Thing is they don’t make it easy for you and to cut sugar out of your diet is doable but tricky as its in everything! Also fats is bad if you want to lose weight although there are good fats. This article is an interesting read.

My favorite at the moment is an avocado which contains omega 5 which is considered “good fats” and good for weight-loss.

New cover soon……..

Much love x

I want a feast. I want a bean feast… Cream buns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts so good you could go nuts. Give it to me now!

25 stone 2 pounds!!!! WTF!IMG-20160403-WA0000Helloooooooo! Or how about YOLO! I used to think that was some lame meaningless saying, but in the last year found out it means you only live once, which kinda resonates with me and my quest to live longer. Although the term YOLO may not be true it’s a good way of looking at this life 🙂 now I’ve got that off my chest 😉 covered the main topics but wanna talk about treats and cheat days.IMG-20160404-WA0006

I’m feeling on a natural high this week as been a mad one with birthdays and gig’s and especially as I’ve lost 9 pounds this week! I went for a surprise birthday meal at an all you can eat buffet called dayz in Bournemouth. Had already been to a bday meal that week and had a chicken salad with water while I watched people with there burgers, chip’s, ribs, cokes etc oh and Oreo cheesecakes (mmmmmm) so I thought I’m having a cheat day at dayz!! It’s was amazing!!! Haven’t had Chinese or Indian food once this year! Or fresh cream! I couldn’t move after. It was insane but worth it. Also had a hotdog at the cinema this week. I honestly didn’t think I would lose this much weight this week. I did work extra hard this week with my sports and fitness and proved yet again you can still have cheat days and lose weight!! Im 3 pounds off having my fish and chips!! Mental!! I’m not at all trying to glorify these foods but life is for living and if you enjoy a McDonald’s or a Chinese in my case domino’s, then treat your self every now and then or special occasions. It’s just about knowing when you deserve to, or having the will power to not eat take out every day!! Easly done!!I know some people would disagree and would say you should eat the purest foods etc and in a lot of ways they are right, but no ones perfect 😉  I have to admit I’ve been ill a few times this year when I’ve eaten something bad and I had a McDonald’s in February and I was very ill. My body was almost rejecting it as if it was a poison. Some times when I’m round people eating “naughty” food it can be tough, but sometimes I think what are you doing to yourself. Too your body! so I must be changing!! Also very easy to be a food snob hehe, but as u said you have to do the things you enjoy. Just make sure you don’t do it to the point you weigh 32+ stone etc….

Got some terrible photos of me from last year which I will upload next time, and they are mental!! Also new video soon (the video on here isn’t working very well so will sort that out this week)  

Also hope some of you are guessing the song titles from the lyrics at the start of each blog 🙂

Much love X

“I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance. I will find my way if I can be strong. I know every mile, will be worth my while”

IMAG0150New glasses and every photo I took I look like a poser so I do apologize 🙂

25 stone 11 pounds

Helloooooooo so hit my next target and now in the 25 area so next target is 24 and I’m especially looking forward to that as I’m treating my self to fish and chips!!!! Use to have this meal quite often and never realised how many calories in them. I used to have large cod and chips and large curry sauce and sometimes a sausage as well which is well over 2000 calories. Just in the large cod and chips there’s a staggering 77grams of fat. I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to fat etc but even I know that’s a lot of fat! It’s good to have treats like this especially if your hitting your targets/goals.

Wanna talk about exercise again as know it can be hard to motivate yourself especially if you’ve never been or not an active person. Ive talked about swimming being one of the best as no pressure on your back, knees or ankles. Recently I have started doing a lot more walking and started off by walking fairly slow and as the weeks have progressed picked up the pace and distance and now walk about 2 miles in 30minutes. Walking is a great way to ease yourself into fitness as you can walk as slow as a snail if you want at least your doing something. Your notice the difference in no time. Also it’s free to walk and there is many a view to be seen. I think myself lucky as have some great views and scenery where I live.


Even if you walk 5 minutes twice a week after a month your really notice it. Also time actually goes extremely fast (especially the older you get) so a month really does fly by. My goal is 20 stone by December and I know it will fly by and before I know it I will be the shrunken singer 🙂

Two important factors in weightloss and fitness. Incentive and will power. Everybody’s capable of this! I never thought I would say that as so many times I’ve failed but this time victory is mine so don’t give up, youuuu haveeeeee the power!! Much love x IMAG0044



You better lose yourself in the music, the moment You own it, you better never let it go


The fist pic is from September 2015 and second pic last week. I was shocked at the change and although still a distance from my final goal it’s nice to actually see it’s working 🙂

26 stone 2 pounds.

Hellooooo. Going to start each post now with my current weight so can see the progress in my weight.

Wanna talk about weighing yourself.  I usually weigh myself twice a week and most of the time I see weight loss but there have been a few times I haven’t. It is gutting some times but you have to get back on it! Don’t be disheartend especially if you’ve lost weight previously, it’s not the end! I had a cheat day last week and was very naughty but I worked hard all week and still saw weight loss! I’ve heard some interesting theories one was where you can have a bad day and still lose weight but then a week later it will come on. I just make sure I have a good healthy week after 🙂  You can weigh yourself once a week or even a month if that suits you better. Now I’m further into the weight loss I weigh myself when I feel like I deserve to or if I think I will see weight loss maybe a dangerous game some would say but seems to be working for me and I find it quite interesting and can motivate me to see that next target. Video as promised at the end of this blog. I might have to invest in a camera at some point but for now my phone will have to do 🙂

Final thought quickly! If theres one thing you should do its drink 2 litres of water a day. If you sweat more or more active then Maybe more. There are a lot of different opinions on how much you should drink but Ive noticed in the past if I don’t drink enough water then I don’t see the weight loss. Maybe buy bottled or glass water or filter yourself that’s if your not a fan of tap water like myself. Or you could have some ice or a slice of lemon, lime, orange…… The list goes on just try and find a way of getting that 2 litres down you!! Chug, chug, chug!

Any people have Any requests then please tweet me. Much love x